To learn about the judicial selection and system of the states, you need to read lots of books. Some great books have explained this system well. Here are some books that are recommended.

Judicial Merit Selection

By – Greg Goelzhauser

There is still debate on the judicial selection process. In many states, merit selection is now used. However, not many people understand the merit system of choosing judges. There is a misconception that this process gives more emphasis on qualification and diversity than politics.

In this book, the author has collected lots of data and information about the institutional performance of merit selection. In addition, the book includes a case study from the nominating commission’s proceedings, which will help the readers understand more about judicial merit selection.

Judicial Selection in the States

By – Herbert M. Kritzer

The book includes detailed case studies of the various US states. Here, the readers will know how the states select and retain judges. You will also notice a balance of politics and professionalism.

It is explained whether the emphasis should be given on the professional credentials or the political credentials when choosing a judge. It has been found that political concerns are given more importance than professionalism.

However, the voters support professionalism more in selecting the judges. Therefore, if you want to understand politics and the judiciary system, you must read this book.

In Defense of Judicial Elections

By – Chris W. Bonneau

The process of electing judges is one of the most pressing issues today. There is a debate regarding whether the judges should be independent of the democratic processes to get selected or rely on electoral approval.

The author uses two decades of data relating to the state supreme court elections to analyze the current situation. The author believes that a link must be created between the judiciary and the citizens. If you are interested in the politics of judicial selection and the electoral process, you will find this book informative.

These books will give you a clear picture of the judicial system, the selection process, and the election. You will know about the current status of the judicial system and what needs to be done to improve it.