Why Voting Matters In Elections

Voting is everyone’s right; however, many of us don’t realize the power of it. In the US and other countries, the number of people who vote during the election is low. This is not an ideal situation in any country.

In our everyday life, we experience injustice many times. Not everyone’s voice is heard. The election is a way to raise a voice and exercise democracy. The US citizens have the right to choose their leaders, and that’s why they should vote.

By participating in elections, people can make changes. They can support or oppose policies to change society for good. Here are some reasons why voting matters in an election.

Young people’s voices heard

The young people will rule the country in the future and make the world a better place.

They have fresh ideas and their decisions can make difference. If more young people vote, the elected official will be able to give attention to policy issues that are important to the young generation.

A single vote can affect the result

Many elections end up in a tie, or a party wins by a small number of votes. If more people voted, then the result would be fairer. With your vote, your chosen candidate’s chance of winning increases. If that person is elected, policies that reflect your needs and values will be passed and positively affect your life.

Democracy can’t function without voting

Democracy is all about people’s voices being heard. If people don’t vote, democracy will slowly diminish. So, more people should vote to establish democracy and show their rights as citizens.

Voting may take just 10 minutes or several hours. Many people don’t vote because they couldn’t skip the office to place their ballot paper on the voting box. Now most employers are flexible; they give the employees time off to place their vote.

Voting makes the young generation responsible

People can vote when they reach the age of 18. Voting can make these young people responsible. Most of the young people today don’t understand the critical role they can play in the country’s progress by voting.

The young generation must be encouraged to vote. Due to the pandemic, people can now vote online too or by sending a mail. This makes voting much easier as you won’t need to go to the voting centers. With so many improvements in the voting condition, there is no excuse for not voting during elections.